Episode 10: The evolution of Life Style Brand EVOLVE.

Instagram Mentions: @Evolvepapers @muh_riah @gordonly
Founder of EvolvePapers.com, Matt joins the budz for episode 10.

Evolve Papers has given you, our favorite budz, a special discount for purchases on their website; use the promo code “BUDZ” and receive 25% off your purchase of their already friendly priced merchandise.  Matt has partnered with some incredible budz to help “Evolve” his dream into reality. He gives a huge grateful shoutout to the talented @gordonly and the beautiful @muh_riah as Matt knows that no one can accomplish great things alone, but through collaboration with other talents, amazing things can bud and grow. Thank you to @evolvepapers for joining us today and be sure to check them out on Instagram. 

Episode 8: Maine’s Proposed Adult Use Laws and Darrin explores Dispensaries in Canada and Alaska.

In episode 8 of theweedbudz.com @rycannabiz attends the public hearing in Portland, Maine for their states “Adult-Use” laws and license requirements. We heard from our bud from earlier this season Hannah King as she spoke and provided testimony at this hearing. Visit https://www.maine.gov/dafs/services/marijuana/rulemaking/feedback if you would like to add comments or provide written testimony up through June 2nd, 2019 at 5pm est. 

@Dcannabiz took a trip to Vancouver and then a cruise through Alaska. He did some fishing and some exploring and made budz with all sorts of fun people and compares the dispensaries in Canada to those here in the states. 

Episode 7 with Rock Star Jesse Littleton

Listen now as Jesse Littleton shares his beautiful story of wins, losses, and overcoming lifes largest obstacles. We have included links for you to watch and connect with Jesse further. The first video below is a mini documentary on Jesse and then we have links to his shows Small Town Junkies and Its Not a Monster Trap Variety Show. Lastly, be sure to listen to his song Full Moon Cigarette we included below. Thank you for joining The Weed Budz for episode 7, enjoy!

Episode 6: #BudzAcrossAmerica

First stop is in Hartford, Connecticut to see the friend of @RyCannabiz mister @the.nathaniel.lee. Nathaniel and Ry met one another while attending the University of Southern Maine. Nathaniel went on to compete on the series Dunk Kings on the TNT television network.

Ry and Nathaniel discuss their roots in Maine and what they are doing today. Nathaniel Lee is Acting in film and producing television commercials. Darrin joins us at the end and discusses some of the travel they have coming up as they explore #budzacrossamerica. 

Episode 5: @RyCannabiz accidentally dosed his Mother with Edibles.

Listen now and hear about the hilarious moment that @rycannabiz learned that he accidentally dosed his mother. Disclaimer: Always be sure to label your edibles.

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Episode 2: Interview with Maine’s Regulatory Super Lawyer Hannah King

Hannah is an attorney at the law practice of Drummond Woodsum, and is the co-founder and co-chair of Drummond Woodsum’s regulated substances practice group. She received her law degree from the University of Maine School of Law, and has worked with municipalities, medical dispensaries, entrepreneurs, and investors in Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire on medical and adult use marijuana and hemp regulatory and licensing issues. She also advises tribal clients across the country looking to enter the cannabis and hemp markets on business strategy and development of tribal regulatory regimes.

Hannah was heavily involved in the drafting of Maine’s Marijuana Legalization Act and recent amendments to Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act as an advisory board member of Maine Professionals for Regulating Marijuana, a collection of Maine professionals advocating for safety, quality, and transparency in the marijuana industry.

She was appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Sara Gideon, to represent Maine’s adult use marijuana industry to the State of Maine Marijuana Advisory Commission, formed to continuously study and make recommendation to the legislature on best regulatory practices for marijuana.

Hannah has presented at conferences and events around the country, such as the Cannabis Business Executives Convention, and has been a mentor presenter at Canopy Boulder, a business accelerator and venture fund for the cannabis industry.

Episode 1: The WeedBudz

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@RyCannabiz here and I want to thank you for joining us today! Darrin and I have been working for some time now strategizing the very best way to provide fun material for you so you keep coming back week after week to laugh and learn about all things Cannabis. Darrin and I are both Entrepreneurs that happen to also be Marijuana enthusiasts. Listen to episode 1 to learn a little bit about us, The WeedBudz, and catch a glimpse into some of the awesome interviews and features we have coming your way.

Once you listen to Episode 1, Darrin mentions a Louis CK skit about weed and I wanted to provide that for you here so you could watch it. It is a good laugh and also gives you some insight into what Darrin finds funny.

Thank you once again for joining us as we embark on a Cannabis-filled journey and hope you have a lot of fun along the way. Be sure to connect with us and look forward to making you one of our #Budz4Lyfe