Episode 17: A Big Mouth Pharmacist, CBD and Haunted Castles

If you want to hear from a Big Mouth, you are in luck. We aren’t just talking about Ry and Darrin. We have Neal Smoller, from The Big Mouth Pharmacist podcast joining us today. Neal is a Pharmacist from the most famous small town in the States, Woodstock, New York. Neal is also the Big Mouth of Woodstock Vitamins. Talking to Neal, Darrin and I realized that there was an opportunity for people to try different products and see what works best for them before making a significant investment into a “maybe this will work” product. We talked to the Founders of Pineapple Dreamers. They are creating a box where you can sample different types of CBD products before you buy. Join us and hear how they are trying to solve this problem. 

Lastly, in this episode, you can hear the harrowing story of Ry’s trip that landed him at Amsterdam Castle in Amsterdam, New York. Did he meet Casper, the friendly ghost? Check out Instagram to see the photographs from Amsterdam Castle. 

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