Episode 15: The Blunt Report and Cannabis across the Globe

Thank you for joining another episode of The Weed Budz. In this episode, the budz talk about Cannabis and society. @RyCannabiz talks to Konner Blunt, from the Blunt Report about his perspective of Cannabis in different societies around the world. He provides personal insight into the perceptions of Cannabis in the U.K., Australia, and South Korea. No, no one gave Kim Jung-Ung sticker of The Weed Budz, although that would be hilarious. Be sure to head over to TheWeedBudz.com and check out a photo of Darrin stoned during a high school class photo. Head over to Instagram and guess what grade he was in?  

Photo of Darrin in High School, Stoned!!!!!! Head over to instagram or facebook after listening to the episode and tell us what grade he is in.

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